Photo by Katy Howard

Studio, Artist, Chattanooga, Kristin Kendall Fine ArtChattanooga based photographer, Katy Howard (KateHowPhoto) has always been a joy to work with. She captured my best side here 🙂 It’s interesting to see a moment like this. How often do you see yourself working? Not necessarily literally, but even just imagine yourself working. Think about it. As a visual person, I picture a lot of occurrences – things that have happened, things that could happen…. sometimes from my perspective, and sometimes from an outsider’s. But when I’m painting…. I think I’m so much in the moment that my brain can’t take that instance and file it away in that little Rolodex of visuals I have in the back of my mind. Thought of the day. Gosh, I’m so weird.

Nonetheless, I’m fortunate to have photos like this. They show me moments I never realize existed, and the mindfulness I sometimes don’t think I have.