About the Artist

Kristin Kendall ArtistKristin Kendall (b.1986) is a progressive, internationally recognized portrait and figurative artist. As a Powell, TN native, Kristin grew up in Knoxville, later moved to Nashville to expand her practice, and now resides in Chattanooga, TN. Her formal training comes from Carson Newman University where she earned her B.A. in Art in 2008. Eventually realizing her skill should be shared, she received her certification to teach art from Lincoln Memorial University in 2011. She currently teaches at Townsend Atelier in downtown Chattanooga, in grant-funded programs throughout the city, and independently as well.

The unique combination of her natural creativity, formal training in design, and fascination for architecture have influenced her art with imagination, detail, and precision. Her work speaks for itself, capturing the essence of her subjects and refinement of every day life.

Kristin fulfills her passion for the portrait and figure by commissioning to clients and continues to disclose her art on local, regional, and national levels through exhibits and competitions.



Words from commission and private lesson clients:

“This week’s lesson was my favorite so far.  It was an incredible experience…completely beyond belief.  To say you’re talented almost seems like an insult.  Gifted…that still doesn’t quite cover the full spectrum of the multi-faceted artist you are.  You can teach, yes, but when you create… There is something to your translation, perspective and technique that most certainly escapes description.  It is an experience that is truly appreciated.  Thank you for sharing your abilities with me.”  – M. Kelly


“We are so grateful to you for the wonderful portrait of Miles and for your amazing talent.  You have captured him perfectly with exceptional details, a vivid reminder of our special day at the beach.  Your creation is now a family treasure.”  – J. Smelcer


“You were always willing to be flexible on schedule, but more importantly, flexible in terms of what I wanted to accomplish. You didn’t try to force my goals into your curriculum; but rather, adjust the latter to the former. I don’t remember you ever actually criticizing my work – it was more like showing me how it could be made better. As an older person with no experience in art, that was important. Many thanks for all of that. Not to mention, thank you for your sense of humor. It’s not often you can say you have fun during private lessons!” – J. Tuberville


“We are very thankful for how you designed and tailored your curriculum to the level of our little girl and to our wish that she learn art for her own enlightenment. She never liked doing art as much as she does today and in as many imaginative ways she knows today. In the past nine months she has become quite the sophisticated little girl, drawing me things with surprisingly rich stories, and aside from being sassy, she sometimes (well, quite often) can tell me things I don’t know. Thank you again for the knowledge and curriculum you’ve exposed our daughter to. It is something that will benefit her for a lifetime.”  – J. Huang


“I must say that you far exceeded my expectations on the pencil sketch you did of my boys. I thought you perfectly captured both their expressions and their personalities in your sketch. This made a perfect gift for my wife, and it is certainly something we will enjoy for many years to come.”  – S. Hamilton